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It’s nice to feel at home, but it’s also nice to feel warmth and well being during your holiday. Casa Biota has the beauty of an unique apartments, with, at the same time, both the comfort of a house and a hotel.

The apartments have fresh sheets, the beds are of a very good quality and the towels are always soft and scented. We guarantee the maintenance and cleaning of the apartments. We have tried to furnish and put into the apartaments everything we thought could be useful to make you feel good, but if you are missing something, try asking us!

You will always find us ready to please all your needs.
We respect the needs of our clients because this is not just a place to visit, this is your home away from home.


Hi! We are Myriam and Mattia, an Italian couple in love who decided to move to Portugal in 2014 with two dogs and a caravan when we first came here (a classic!) A trip that made us falling in love with the simplicity, the beauty, and the nature of this paradise, and of course.. surfing! We decided this was the right place to settle down and create our future, here in Sagres, surrounded by the ocean, neverending beaches and breathtaking cliffs. Here we dreamt of starting a family, and our beautiful children Tobias and Cloe were born. We are now living our dream, but we can’t keep all this beauty just for us: that’s why CASA BIOTA was created. A place in which we want everyone to feel at home, no matter if you are alone, with family or friends. We want to be your home from home, here, where the land ends and the sea begins.

We live in the house next door, with our family and our animals. Our home is private, but sometimes you can meet us!

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